Department of Food Storage and Distribution

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Dr hab. inż. Grażyna Budryn phone 27-87

Employees with a title or a degree:

dr hab. inż.. Lucjan Krala tel. 34-59
dr inż. Ilona Gałązka-Czarnecka tel. 34-63
dr inż. Zbigniew Irzyniec tel. 34-64
dr. Izabella Kwaśniewska-Karolak tel. 27-83
dr inż. Radosław Mostowski tel. 27-84

Scientific and technical specialists

mgr inż. Ewelina Brzozowska tel. 27-86
Anna Chmielecka tel. 27-82

PhD students

mgr inż. Ewelina Brzozowska tel. 27-86
mgr inż. Anna Bagnowska 

Employees retired

prof. dr hab. inż. Stanisław Michałowski
dr inż. Anna Kułagowska

Research issues:

Use of a controlled and modified atmosphere for the storage of vegetables and animal products. Kinetics of decomposition of chlorophyll and vitamin C during cold storage of green vegetables. Study on the usefulness of new types of bread for freezing. Sublimation drying of vegetables, fruit, fruit juices and meat. Use of the cryoprotectants in the process of meat and its products freezing. Transformation of bioactive compounds during growing, rearing, storage, processing, storage and distribution of food.

Didactic activity

First and second-degree studies:
Process thermodynamics, The basics of cooling and freezing food, Selected issues of heat movement, Food refrigeration technology, Chemistry of frozen foods, Refrigeration appliances and apparatus, Designing refrigeration lines for food preservation, Food storage, Human nutrition and dietetics and food technology, Processing of products of animal and plant origin, New generation food design, Innovative processes in food processing, Food additives,
Raw materials in food production, Pro-health food ingredients,
Physical properties of food.

The offer for business and research:

Service activities
Development work

Modern methods of food packing

  • Improve the stability of nutrients and healthy foods packed in different preserving techniques:
  • Cooling
  • Freezing
  • Storage in the protective gases atmosphere 
  • Freeze
  • Sous vide cooking in vacuum packs

Exemplary solutions

  • Developing a way to pack and extend food durability by co-using cooling and MAP (patent)
  • Method of pasteurisation and vacuum packing of root vegetables (implemented know-how)
  • Vacuum packaging / filling method (know-how implemented)

Providing the durability of food products stored under various conditions

  • Choosing the optimal conditions for preserving, storage and forecasting of durability
  • Stabilize the freshness and shelf-life of different types of bread in storage chain
  • Reduce the content of preservatives, improving texture, color, aroma, by using natural health-promoting stabilizers the program "pure label"

Exemplary solutions

  • Refrigerated transport and storage conditions for chilled, frozen and deep-frozen products, eg frozen cherries (expertise)
  • Development of industrial defrosting technology (patent)
  • Root plant extracts with antioxidant properties, preparation and use (patent)

Modeling of pro-healthy characteristics of food

  • The use of cryoprotectants with health benefits for frozen meat and its use in the production of innovative meat products
  • Preserving meat with restriction of pickling salts and / or using natural pro-health compounds
  • Raising the nutritional value and biological activity of plant sprouts using optimal planting conditions
  • New generation food design consulting

Exemplary solutions

Development of bread with the addition of plant extracts as part of preventive diets against cardiovascular diseases (animal studies)

Physico-chemical analyzes

  • Optimizing storage conditions for food and biological materials at temperatures below 0 ° C, using a controlled and modified atmosphere or under vacuum
  • Determining the amount of frozen water and cryogenic temperature
  • Determining the chemical, physical and quality changes of food and biological products stored refrigerated
  • Selection of sublimation drying conditions of biological products
  • Storage of materials at -18 ° C up to 300 kg

Research laboratories

  • Laboratory analyzes of the composition of food, interactions between components and susceptibility to oxidation
  • Laboratory of highly advanced structural analysis of food
  • Fertilizer laboratory automated plant cultivation under non-bearing conditions
  • Aseptic cooling laboratory
  • Freezing storage chambers

Research apparatus

  • LC / MS and GC / MS Chromatographs
  • Thermal and isothermal calorimeters
  • SPECORD M40 Spectrophotometer
  • TG TG5 freeze dryer
  • Measuring set for cryogenic temperature determination
  • Freezing tunnel
  • Chambers at 0 °C 
  • a set of chambers for storing food in a controlled atmosphere
  • extractors
  • Climate chambers
  • Instrumental analysis of texture and color

Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences