Research activities

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  • Purification of raw (thin) juice of low quality derived from a degraded raw material (sugar beets);
  • Kinetics of sucrose extraction from sugar beet cossettes and optimization of this process conditions;
  • Structure of sucrose particles. Inter- and intramolecular interactions between sucrose particles in solutions;
  • Sucrose refining;
  • The development of nonconventional methods and devices for measurements of parameters of technological processes applied in food industry;
  • Formation of nitrates (III) during sucrose manufacturing and their effect on the quality of fodder materials obtained from sugar beets;
  • Polysaccharides in the sucrose manufacturing process;
  • Estimation of quality and authenticity of sucrose;
  • Semi-products from sugar industry as fodder materials;
  • Transformations of proteins and lipids during processes of enzymatic wheat starch hydrolysis;
  • The impact of molecular structure of non-starch polysaccharides (arabinoxylans) on properties of enzymatic starch hydrolysates, and dependence of this structure on the hardness and variety of wheat;
  • Polymorph and thermodynamic transformations of raw materials and products of starch, pastry and bakery industries;
  • Physicochemical processes in potato, starch and sugar processing;
  • Natural plant substances - structural and application aspects;
  • Studies on interactions between bioactive compounds and other food components during food processing;
  • Extracts from cocoa and coffee beans with the health-promoting potential as inhibitors of oxidation processes in foods;
  • The effect of water activity on storage stability of raw materials, semi-products, and products of bakery, confectionery and pastry industries;
  • Preparation of raw materials, semi-products, and confectionery and pastry products with reduced contents of antinutritive compounds;
  • Rheology and texture characteristics of semi-products and products of confectionery and starch industries;
  • The effect of composition and physicochemical properties of raw materials on the quality of bakery and confectionery products;
  • Analysis of food components by chromatography techniques;
  • Investigation of transformations of bioactive compounds during chocolate fabrication processes;
  • The effect of coffee and cocoa beans roasting conditions on concentrations of bioactive compounds;
  • New generation fats as components of confectionery products;
  • Preservation and storage of foods - refrigeration, freezing, thawing;  
  • The effect of composition of modified atmosphere (MAP) and controlled atmosphere on physical and chemical transformations, sensory properties, shelf-life and health safety of foods  of plant and animal origin;
  • Studies on the stability of nutrients and health components in foods packaged with different preservation techniques
  • Modelling of health-promoting properties of raw materials and food products, refrigerated and frozen;
  • The effect of seed sprouting conditions on profiles of isoflavones and biological activity of sprouts. Maintenance of nutritive value and biological activity of sprouting seeds during their storage;
  • Designing innovative food products with reduced content of chemical additives, increased nutritive value and health-promoting properties;
  • Improvement of properties and nutritive value of frozen meat through addition of cryoprotectants that positively affect human health;  
  • Lyophilisation of vegetables, fruits, fruit juices and meat. Storage stability of lyophilisates;
  • Changes in the structure of resistant starch and texture of bakery products during their storage under refrigerating conditions;  
  • Optimization of methods of saccharides, organic acids and alcohols quantification by HPLC techniques;
  • Optimization of processes of sucrose bioconversion to salts of aldonic acids;
  • Esterification of saccharides;
  • Novel technologies of prebiotics production, with focus on oligosaccharides;
  • Determination of activity indicators of reactive forms of oxygen and nitrogen;
  • Investigation of  functioning of quality management systems and environmental management in practice, according to ISO standards;