Apparatus of Institute of Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology

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Apparatus of the Institute of Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology:

  1. 30 L fermenter (INFORS AG)
  2. 150 L fermenterChemap 150
  3. Terrafors IS 15 L fermenter (INFORS AG)
  4. SIXFORS fermenter with 6 individual fermenters 750 mL each  (INFORS AG)
  5. Chemical reactor of Reactor Ready type
  6. Microwave reactor for chemical synthesis
  7. Dyna-Mill desintegrator
  8. Ultrasonic cell homogenizer
  9. Liophilizator Alpha 1-4 LSC
  10. Apparatus for  water content determination by Karl-Fisher method
  11. Real-Time PCR (BIO-RAD)
  12. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis apparatus (BIO-RAD)
  13. System of high-resolution mass spectrometry with Q-TOF hybrid analyzer coupled with high-resolution liquid chromatograph UPLC/UHPLC equipped with LED matrix, fluorescence detector and refractive index detector
  14. Fully equipped HPLC liquid chromatography sets
  15. Fully equipped GC-MS gas chromatography set
  16. AKTA FPLC liquidchromatograph
  17. Amino acids analyzer AAA 400 (Ingos)
  18. Rigaku Oxford Diffraction Supernowamonocrystals diffractometer with CCD detector and two radiation microfocus sources (Mo and Cu).
  19. Rigaku rotating anod generator equipped with image plate detector MAR300 and low temperature unit.
  20. PCR thermal cyclers (BIO-RAD)
  21. 1D and 2D electrophoresis set (Protean i12 IEF Cell + Densitometer)
  22. MicroDoc gel documentation system MicroDoc(transilluminator + digital camera)
  23. MicroPulserelectroporator
  24. CO2incubators
  25. Invertedmicroscope
  26. Microscope Olympus SZ61
  27. Microscope Olympus SZPT
  28. Multi-detection plate readers
  29. UV/VIS spectrophotometers
  30. Ultracentrifugation systems
  31. Filtration sets
  32. Fraction collectors
  33. Laminarchambers
  34. Low temperature freezers